Carmel Borg Water and Electrical Plumbing

Carmel Borg water plumbing and electrical plumbing has a solid reputation for providing high quality services for both domestic and industrial projects. These can range from small to large turnkey projects. Don't worry. We'll take care of the hassle whilst keeping in mind that value for money comes without compromising deadlines.

Mob: 00 356 99477308
Tel: 00 356 21689985

Address: 24, Green Acre, Triq Isuard Xuereb, Zurrieq, ZRQ 3123

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CHI Consultants LTD

CHI Consultants are the perfect plumbers for you, especially if you are experiencing water leak problems.

We use thermal image cameras for the non- destructive detection of water leaks, for under floors and through walls. We can also detect humidity sources and insulation defects.

Our services offered by qualified engineers and thermographers.

Mob: 00 356 79839810
Tel: 00 356 27028452

Address: 190, MyStique Court, Penthouse A, Triq Is-Saghtar, Mellieha Heights, Il-Mellieha

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Sacco Electric - Electrical, Plumbing Installations and Repairs

Sacco Electric is a well established company synonymous with quality and timely finished projects. The company specialises in both Electric and water plumbing and has been established for over 7 years. With its strong ongoing reputation, the company strives for excellence by providing advice before, during and after the projects whilst making sure quality materials and workmanship is done at all times.

Mob: 00 356 79002037

Address: Triq Dun Nard Mallia, Zurrieq.

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Blen Services - Electrical and Water Plumbing

Blen services has been providing Water and Electrical Installations including Airconditions for the past 18 years. The company has been always on the foresight of new high quality materials and construction techniques. Keeping abreast with today's technology helps build stronger infrastructures and also stronger customer relationships.

Blen services will provide a tailor made service to small and large turnkey projects whilst respecting deadlines and budget. We take care of our customer even after we finish our work. So give us a call for a free quote. We guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Mob: 00 356 79703222, 77703222

Address: 20, Triq Il-Madonna Tar-Ruzarju, Tarxien, TXN 1575.

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Yoseph Camilleri - Electrical insallations, Water Plumbing and Turnkey Projects

Yoseph Camilleri specialises in both electrical and water plumbing. Through years of experience, the company has gained a solid clientele thanks to the high quality of service and final results. Yosef Camilleri also offers solutions for Turnkey projects. We're here to help you achieve your aims and dreams in an efficient and effective manner.

Mob: 00 356 77872222 / 79486233

Address: 30,31, Triq it-Torri Wejter, Birkirkara, BKR4730

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Warren Camilleri Drainage Works and Repairs
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Warren Camilleri specializes in drainage works and repairs. Backed by many years of experience, the company has evolved into a reputable key industry player in the turkey industry. Warren Camilleri caters for small and and also large projects. Huge focus is stressed on delivering quality workmanship in a timely manner. The company offers:
  • Trenching works
  • Drainage works and repairs
  • Unblocking and cleaning of drainages and wells
Mob: 00 356 99288161
Address:  Triq it-Tumbrell, Xghajra, XJR 1451

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Dom Dom Drainaga Repair

Nobody thinks of drainage systems until these stop functioning well. Then it's time to call Dom Dom Drainage Services. It's the name to keep in mind because you never know when an unpleasant emergency will crop up.

We offer round the clock drainage services including cleaning and clearing of blocked drains, fixing of broken systems, and the installation and laying of new drains and pipes. Dom Dom Drainage Services work on old and new buildings, so that we do anything - from clearing blocked drains with power jet, or  using CCTV pipe inspection to rapidly identify faults, or creating a new system for a new construction. We also specialise in the cleaning and restoration of wells, no matter how small, no matter how large.

Mob: 00 356 99289001



Address: N/A

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Stan Agius Drainage Repairs

Stan Agius Drainage Repairs is a family-run company that started in 2004. They specialize in a niche segment relating to drainage and sewage. The company is not only involved in solving emergency problems such as clearing blocked drains, but also cleaning  filthy wells, installing new drainage or sewage systems and maintaining existing ones in pristine conditions.

In a short time the company has managed to build its own reputation in a very positive way, so that today it works not only with domestic drainage and sewage problems, but also within the very demanding industrial and commercial sectors. 

As a company, it is responsible from the start of every job so that clients are informed of the options that need to be considered and the expenses involved. Once the job is done, thorough testing is carried out to ensure containment and smooth flow of water or sewerage. Inspections and all works are done utilizing the safest products and the newest technology systems available in Malta

Mob: 00 356 99875781

Address: Pantanal Triq ir-Rihan Zabbar, Malta

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