Rent a Scaffolding

What are the advantages of choosing Mediterranean Scaffolding LTD. over our competitors? Our system is very easy to erect and dismantle, therefore saving time and costs, unlike the erect pipes and key clamp systems which take forever to set up.

Our company is also able to provide electric platforms from 9 meters up to 25 meters wide and can reach a maximum height of 60 metres

We have all safety features available as add-ons including toe boards, end-gates, ladders and netting. Our company has a proven track record of erecting systems that have survived all types of weather and we have worked on most of the largest projects in Malta. 

If scaffolding systems are erected for long periods of time, we consider advertising on your scaffolding, which in turn can make you money. Our supply of scaffolding runs into thousands of metres and are available whenever required.

Mob: 00 356  99054321 / 99493086
Tel: 00 356 21374454 / 21375646

Address: 2, Riviera Court, Forest Street, St. Julians

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