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J. Micallef & Son Express Skip Services Limited

J. Micallef & Son Express Skip Services Limited has been a service provider, to various Health Departments for both clinical and domestic waste collection, transport and disposal for long years. We also serve the commercial industry, such as restaurants and hotels.

Our mission is the provision of an immaculate service to our clients, combining efficiency, reliability, safety and environmental awareness, thus guaranteeing a timely and reliable service every day of the year.

Our employees are experienced and trained in the collection, transport and disposal of various types of waste and the majority of them has been with the company for long years. They have undertaken training according to ADR regulations.

To ensure that we are always up-to-date with the latest regulations and standards (especially for transport of dangerous goods, such as clinical waste), the company appointed a third party consultant as their DGSA Officer.

We thrive to provide our clients with the most effective and satisfying service, whilst trying to fulfil individual requests/needs. Constant communication is an
essential tool to ensure a successful business relationship between us and the client.

When it comes to a reliable service of waste collection and the responsible disposal of such, it is our opinion that only a trained and experienced work
force combined with the appropriate equipment and lead by efficient and knowledgeable management can ensure the success of such undertaking.

It is of imperative importance that not only the collection of waste is done in a professional manner, but also the upkeep of bins and their surrounding as well as the cleanliness of vehicles is maintained.Waste management entails far more than just emptying bins into the RCV.Accidental spillages, etc. should they occur, have to be dealt with in the appropriate manner. The correct disposal of waste at its designated location guarantees safety for man and environment.

We at J. Micallef & Son Express Skip Services Limited pride ourselves to provide a holistic service covering all angles in the field of waste management, keeping people and environment safe.

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Address: 15, MarJoe, Mons.Arturo Bonnici Street, Msida MSD 2257

Tel: 00 356 21340346

Mobile: 00 356 79499676

Email: info@ExpressSkip.com

Website: www.ExpressSkip.com

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